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BTM Industrial Industrial Auctions

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2051 Harvey St Muskegon, MI 49442

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Jeff Orlowski

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Our Goal is to establish a close partnership with our customers to help them meet their needs for recovery. We find that every company and situation is different. There are times when the number one priority for a company is that they can get the most money for a used machine they are selling, while another customer might be saying ”I don’t care what it goes for but it MUST be out by Tuesday as we have a new machine coming in Wednesday.” Our asset recovery program offers three main avenues to help our Industrial Partners achieve maximum value for their unneeded assets.

Our overall goal at BTM Industrial is to develop and nature relationships that allow our customers to receive maximum value for your company and asset disposition needs. Whether your company defines value as quick turnaround, convenience or cash, we understand that true value is meeting and exceeding your production needs, not worrying about old, unused machinery.