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Rosen Systems, Inc.

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2323 Langford St. Dallas, TX 75208 USA

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Shelley Rosen

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As auctioneers, appraisers, and liquidators, four generations of Rosens have been building a reputation as auctioneers since 1917, when Gus Rosen, chanting through a megaphone, started an auction business in Cleveland and quickly became know throughout the Midwest. Gus was soon joined by his brother, Ralph, and a generation later, their nephew, Irving Rosen, joined the company, opening an office in Dallas.
Mike is Irv’s son, and is the president of the company. Recently, Mike’s son, Kyle Rosen, has joined the business to become the fourth generation. Businesses evolve as generations pass, but there is one essential characteristic of the Rosen operation that has remained the same. From the early days, Gus and Ralph established the corporate philosophy that they must convey to sellers and buyers alike that any buying or selling that involved Rosen would be fair and honest arrangement. They wanted a reputation founded on trust and consistency. That was their goal and that was their achievement and today it remains as their legacy. It is no idle boast. It is a fact.
The fast-moving universe of the deal is truly a loosely-knit community of dealers and buyers, sellers and bankers, attorneys and brokers, and word spreads quickly about people, their style and their approach to the business. It’s a community where reputations are earned over the long-term by performance and behavior, not created overnight by advertising sloganeers. The Rosen reputation of trust and consistency is nationally known. Mike Rosen and his colleagues cherish that reputation and intend to burnish it even brighter in the years ahead.