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40 Daniel Street Farmingdale, NY 11735 USA

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Koster Industries, with offices in the New York and Boston areas, is one of the leading industrial auctioneers, appraisers and liquidators in the United States. We specialize in evaluating assets and performing professional on site, online auction sales and liquidations in virtually every industry including metalworking, fabricating, stamping, plastics, rubber, chemical, paper, printing, construction, woodworking, jewelry manufacturing, food processing, textile, and inventory. Our continuous participation in auctions nationwide gives us first-hand knowledge of the ever-changing machinery and equipment marketplace.
Our service offerings have evolved based on the needs of our clients. We specialize in providing one-stop solutions in meeting the specific requirements of our customers in the following key areas:

Koster Industries Machinery Auctions

Why Koster Industries For Machinery Auctions

Proven ability to attract top buyers Globally to maximize return value
Decades of experience in appraising/auctioning equipment
Ability to sell single pieces up to entire facilities including multiple day auctions
Conduct more than 50 online and onsite with live webcast auctions annually
More than 50 million dollars in gross sales annually
Personalized service from knowledgeable support staff

Koster Industries Inc. has extensive knowledge and expertise in auctioning Industrial Assets. Our principals have more than 100 years of combined experience inspecting industrial facilities, valuing equipment and preparing customized programs for auctioning assets.
We conduct more than 50 auction sales annually, with more than $50 million in gross sales. In order to achieve our goal of complete customer satisfaction, Koster Industries studies each sale carefully and tailors a specific program to meet the individual needs and objectives of the client.
Koster Industries has a full-time staff of experienced field supervisors on site to prepare a plant for auction. These supervisors, each with an average of 30+ years experience, manage the cleaning, lotting, grouping and tagging of all machinery, equipment and tooling in the plant in order to maximize value. Detailed lot catalogs are also prepared to assist buyers during the auction event.
The ability to attract buyers to an auction is paramount to its success. At Koster Industries, we maintain a mailing and email list of more than 50,000+ proven buyers categorized by both geographic area and type of equipment. These lists, combined with other marketing tools (color brochures, newspaper advertisements, trade publication advertisements, e-mails and social media) enable us to target the right buyers for each sale. We were one of the first companies to implement online bidding platforms such as bidspotter.com and employ multiple online platforms to reach bidders all over the world
Koster Industries prides itself on providing “hands on” service prior to, during and after each sale. All auction sales are managed by a principal of the firm who is available seven days a week to discuss the status of an auction, address any concerns or simply answer questions.