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Capital Recovery Group, LLC

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1654 King Street Enfield, CT 06082 USA

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Marion Illouz

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CRG is a global private equity firm that creates liquidity for its clients through expertise, innovative solutions, and access to worldwide markets. Specializing in complex scenarios comprised of industrial assets and real estate, we revitalize idle or marginally productive assets and liquidate surplus. Our resources afford flexibility allowing us to also deploy CRG capital and directly purchase assets or debt, invest in equity, or perform a combination that delivers optimal solutions for you.
We have built a reputation by providing uncompromising service, qualified knowledge and creative strategies that put you first. Working collaboratively, our team of experts acts as advisor, advocate and problem-solver while acquiring actionable intelligence that brings clarity to your most pressing financial decisions.
What we value most is YOU and the rewarding relationships built with our business partners over decades. We understand that our success is rooted in yours, time and time again.