Verson Wheelon Fluid Cell Press 36 x 144

PO Box 3476 Redondo Beach, CA 90277 USA

Verson Wheelon Fluid Cell Press 36 x 144

Used Verson Wheelon Direct Acting Hydraulic Forming Press
Model: 19440R-36-140 s.n. 22491

Capacity: 19,440 Tons
Forming pressure: Variable, selectable to 7,500 psi (maximum)

Press tables (2): Tray Size @ Top 36” x 144”
Tray Area @ 4 ½ ” Depth 30.25” x 134.75”
Capable to 6” Depth with 26” x 128” area
Tables each actuated by a hydraulic cylinder

Pump & Motor Data: Main Pressure150 HP & Supercharge Pressure7 ½ HP
Accumulator Charge Pump 30 HP
Pilot Pressure Pump 25 HP
Vacuum Pump 7.5 HP
Pad Vacuum Pump 1 HP & Cooler Pump
Cano-Micro Clean Oil Filter: 1/4 hp
Pumps / Power Unit mounted upon 1800 gal. Oil Reservoir

Controls: Central Master Control Station for all press functions.
(2) Operator Control Stations for selecting forming pressure, tray in/out, evacuation and emergency stop, located at each end of Press Barrel
Selectable “Manual” or “Automatic” press cycle modes of operation

Equipped with: Pressure Accumulator and Pressure Intensifier
Vacuum Pad Hold Up System
Main Electrical Panel
Spare parts include one used wear pad & fluid cell

Utilities: 480 V, 60 cycle; factory air (100 psi), water for oil cooler

May be installed on factory floor without pit or special foundation.

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