TUXCO HCS-50 Hydraulic Cylinder Servicer

5251C Hwy 153 #280, Hixson, TN 37343 US
  • 1989 TUXCO HCS-50
  • Power Requirement (230VAC) 20amp
  • 60,000 ft lbs. Torque (Capabilities)

The TUXCO HCS-50 Hydraulic Cylinder Servicer is a machine that disassembles and reassembles hydraulic cylinders during service and repair. With the Servicer, one person can perform all necessary operations by using a hydraulically powered system. The equipment keeps the cylinder being serviced, secured, and properly aligned at every step of operation. Properly employed, the HCS-50 enables you to service any cylinder without risking damage to cylinder or injury to personnel. Basically, the HCS-50 Hydraulic Cylinder Servicer consists of a specialized bench with adjustable supports to hold the cylinder or its separate parts; tailstock, workstation, and headstock to anchor all operations; chucks and spanner wrench to connect the Servicer with the parts of the cylinder; and hydraulic system to provide force for the various operations.

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