Okamoto EX Programmable Surface Grinder

2410 Niagara Lane N Plymouth, MN 55447 USA

Okamoto EX Programmable Surface Grinder
Manufacturer: Okamoto
Model#: ACC-12.24 EX
Age: 1994
(STOCK #3439)


Control Fanuc EX Programmable Control
Table Working Surface 12″ x 24″
Max Long. Travel 29.5″
Max Cross Travel 13.5″
Max Table to Wheel 21.5″
Longitudinal Feed Rate 3 – 82 FPM
Wheelhead Automatic Feed Increments .00005″ – .0015″ Servo Programmable Increments
Cross Feed Automatic Feed Rate .010 – 40 FPM
Cross Feed Automatic Increments .02″ – .8″ Servo Programmable Incremental
Spak-Out Passes 0 – 5
Wheel Size 12″ x 1.5″ x 5″ Bore
Table Load Capacity 925 Lbs.
Spindle Drive 5 HP

Equipped With:

Okamoto (Fanuc) EX Programmable Control, Servo Incremental Downfeed, Servo Incremental Crossfeed, Automatic Over-The-Wheel Dresser with Programmable Compensation, Wheel Arbor, Spindle Nut, O.S Walker 12″ x 24″ Electromagnetic Chuck, Coolant System w/ Paper Filtration,Manuals.


200 Volt 3 Phase

Approximate Machine Dimensions: 108.00″L x 84.00″W x 96.00″H
Approximate Weight: 6200.00 lbs.

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