2018 Concept Laser M2 Cuasing Multi Laser 400W X 2 Metal Laser Melting 3D Printer. Less Then 500 Hours!!

315 Walt Whitman Road, Suite 309, Huntington Station, NY 11746 USA

Concept Laser M2 Cuasing Multi Laser 400W X 2 Metal Laser Melting 3D Printer (2018)

Concept Laser M2 Cuasing Multi Laser 400W x 2 Metal Laser Melting 3D Printer, 250 x 250 x 350 mm3 Build Envelope, 20 – 80 μm Layer Thickness, 2 – 20 cm 3/h (depending on material / laser power), 400W Fiber Laser System x 2, 7 m/s, 4.5 m/s for variable focus move Scanning Speed, 50 μm, optional variable Focus Diameter, Complete with QM Coating, QM Live View, QM Meltpool 3d, 240 x 240 x 25 Build Plate Heating, QM External powder sieving station (63μm), Peenmatic 620S Microblasting System, Ruwac Model NA7-11 Wet Separator, Inox 200HCB Lifting System. Approximately 500 Hours, New (2018) Currently Under Power Materials: CL 20ES Stainless steel (1.4404) CL 31AL* Aluminium alloy (AlSi10Mg) CL 35AL* Aluminium alloy (F357) CL 41TI ELI Titanium alloy (TiAl64V ELI) CL 42TI* Pure titanium Grade 2 CL 50WS* Hot-work steel (1.2709) CL 91RW* Stainless hot-work steel CL 92PH* Precipitation hardening stainless steel (17-4 PH) CL 100NB Nickel-based alloy (Alloy 718) CL 101NB* Nickel-based alloy (Alloy 625) CL 110CoCr Cobalt-chromium alloy (F75) remanium star CL* Cobalt-chromium alloy (by Dentaurum) rematitan CL* Titanium alloy (by Dentaurum) *The material is currently being prepared. Other materials on request

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