2014 Mitsubishi MV2400S

7918 E McClain Drive # 101, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

2014 Mitsubishi MV2400S

REF # 8068279

X-Axis Travel 23.6″
Y-Axis Travel 15.7″
Z-Axis Travel 12.3″
Control Mitsubishi M-700 Control
U/V Axis Travel plus/minus 3″ x plus/minus 3″
Degree Taper Cutting 15 Degree @ 10″
Inside Tank Dimensions 41.3″ x 32.3″
Power Requirement 208/230/3/60
Resolution .000002″
Table Dimensions 33″ x 25.2″
Machining Range 23.6″ x 15.7″ X 12.3″
Workpiece Weight 3,300 lbs
Table Rapid Feed 51.2″/Min
Minimum Wire Thread Start Hole .020″
Filter Tank Capacity 260 Gallons
Dielectric System Dimensions 40.3″ x 90.5″ x 61.7″
Dimensions 111.7″ x 137.4″ x 93.7″
Machine Weight 9,846 lbs

15” LCD Touch Screen
16-Step Programmable Flushing
4-Sided Table (One-Piece Hardened Stainless)
40GB Hard Drive
5 Micron Filter Precision
Anti-Electrolysis Power Supply
DNC Ethernet FTP
Linear Scales
Linear Shaft Motors
Paper Cartridge Filter System
X and Y Glass Scale Feedback
(2) USB Ports
10 KG Wire Spool
Auto Oiler
Auto Power Recovery
Auto Wire Threading
Chiller Unit
Fast Fill Pump
Wire Alignment Gauge
Wire Chopper

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