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909 Remsen Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11236, United States
909 Remsen Avenue New York 11236 US
Country: USA
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Start Date: August 3, 2021
End Date: August 3, 2021
Preview Date: August 2, 2021
Preview Times: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Viewing days: 02 Aug 2021 - 02 Aug 2021 from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM EDT

Featuring: (3) Sencorp Mdl. 2500 Inline Thermoformers – new as 2003 • (3) Cutters/Sample Makers • (3) CNC Routers • Laser: 1000 Watt Mazak “New Turbo-X48” Champion (1998) • (20) Hot Stamp Machines • Vacuum Formers • Laminators • Woodworking Equipment Including: Table Saws, Dusc Sander, Dust Collectors • 3-D Printer: 2007 Stratasys Dimension BST • 1200ES • Tool Room Machinery Including Mills & Lathes • Bandsaws • Forklift Truck • Air Compressors • Miscellaneous Machinery • Shop Support Equipment

Starts: 14 Jul 2021 From 12:00 AM EDT
Ends: 03 Aug 2021 From 12:00 PM EDT
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909 Remsen Ave
New York
United States

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Buyers Premium: 18% or as specified within Payment tab below and on individual items

Sales Taxes:
Tax Rate on Hammer Price: 8.88% or as specified within Payment tab below and on individual items
Tax Rate on Buyers Premium: 8.88% or as specified within Payment tab below and on individual items
Tax Rate on Charges: 8.88% or as specified within Payment tab below and on individual items

Viewing days:

02 Aug 2021 – 02 Aug 2021
from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM EDT

Clearance Days:

04 Aug 2021 – 13 Aug 2021
from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM EDT


2003 Sencorp Mdl.2500, 31” X 33” Capacity, Aydin Displays Touch Screen, 24” X 40” Top & Bottom Platens And 28” X 50” Top & Bottom Platens, S/N: 27064203

1990 Sencorp Mdl. 2500, 31” X 33” Capacity, 24” X 45 ½” Top & Bottom Platens, 28” X 47” Top & Bottom Platens, 3HP Busch Vacuum Pump, Siemens Simatic Multi-Panel Touch Screen, Advantage Sentra PVT- Temp Controller, S/N: 27035290

1988 Sencorp Mdl. 2500, 31 X 33” Capacity, 18” X 46” Top & Bottom Platens, 28” X 47 ¼” Top & Bottom Platens, 3HP Busch Vacuum Pump, Touch Screen Control, Sentra Advantage Mdl. SK-1035HEP-2121 Temperature Controller,S/N:27030688


(4) Pacific Rim, Mdl PRM- HC- 03Pac, Digital Temperature Controller, S/N:1507043 (2007), 1505063 (2005), 1507045 (2007), 1507060 (2007)



2019 TPS Mdl. S-1 Digital Laser Cutter, 2.5KW, Scoring Head, Cutting Head, Bevel Cutting Attachment, Height Detector Camera, 67” X 122” Table Area

2015 Ever-Tech Mdl. ETL-E14090 Laser Cutter, 3KW, 150 Watt, 50” X 39” Work Area, Touch Control, Computer, S/N: EC1409U-1504069

1995 Data Technology Mdl.DT2200 Sample Make, 80” X 96” Table, S/N: 039508


Herman Schwabe Mdl. DG, 37” X 35” Top Platen, Sliding Bottom Platen Front & Back, Dual Palms Buttons, 5” Stroke Adjustment, S/N: 50084

Herman Schwabe Mdl. DG Die Cutter, 34” X 41” Top Platen, Front Sliding Bottom Plater, 5” Stroke Adjustment, S/N: 50097

Herman Schwabe Mdl. SR230 Die Cutter, 25HP Hydraulic Motor, 76” X 50” Top Platen, 76” X 50” Bottom Sliding Platen, S/N: 43074


2002 Komo Mdl. VR 508 Mach 11-SHO CNC Router, 12- Position Tool Changer, 12KW, 24000 Rpm, 60” X 96” Table, 25HP Quincy Mdl.OSVB25AUN3D Vacuum Pump, GE Fanuc 210i- M Control, S/N: 99690 (Komo S/N: 389-07-01-02)

2001 Komo Mdl. VR 508 Mach 1CNC Router, 12KW, 9000/16000 RPM, 8-Position Tool Changer, GE Fanuc 210i- Control, 25HP Quincy Mdl. QSVB25ANN2F Vacuum pump, S/N: 98423H (Komo S/N:35883-03-01-01)

2000 Komo VR Mdl. VR508 Mach CNC Router, 8-Position Tool Changer, 16HP, 60” X 96” Table, 9000/8000 RPM, GE Fanuc 210i-M Control, 25HP Quincy Mdl. QSVB25ANN3C Vacuum Pump, S/N:96187 (Komo S/N: 3336-03-01-00)


(3) Edge Finisher Co, Mdl.EF-200 Edge Finishers, Single Phase, S/N:0108474,39203,

2015 Mintech Mdl. My-1300 Polisher, 2.7KW, 6-Heads, S/N: 151101109


1000 Watt Mazak “New Turbo-X48” Champion CNC Laster, 50” X 100” Table, X-104.3”, Y-50”, Z-100”, 98.4” X 49.2 X0.35” Work Piece, C02 Laser YB- L100B7M2 Laser unit, Hankinson Air Dryer, Orion Mdl.RKL-37500-C Chiller Unit, S/N:132822 (1998)


Kensol K-165 Hot Stamp Machines, 3200 Watts, 18” X 12” Top Platen, Timer, Dual Palms, S/N’s: 7-301-GA, T-1369-GA

(4) Kensol K-110, Hot Stamp Machines, 8” X 6” Top Platen, Timer, Dual Palm Buttons, S/N: T541DA (1000 Watt), S/N: T811GA (2400 Watt), S/N: N414G (2400 Watt), S/N: A-590-04 (1000 Watt)

Kensol #157, Hot Stamp Machines,18 ½” X 12” Top Platen, Digital Temperature Control, Timer, Dual Palm, S/N: NA

(2) Kensol K-165H, Hot Stamp Machines 5700 Watt 2 4800 Watts Timer, Dual Palms, S/N: T50NA R/B T/ PTC300NA

(2) Kensol K-65, Hot Stamp Machines,24” X 12 ½” Top Platen, 4800-Watt, S/N: A54X. S/N:NA

Kensol K-60T, Hot Stamp Machines Timer, Dual Pal, 1000 Watts, S/N: S-9295-D

(3) Kensol Mdl.K-60, Hot Stamp Machine, 8” X 6” Top Platen, 1000 Watts, S/N: 5423D, S-70, 7-777F

Kensol Mdl.K-60, Hot Stamp Machine 8” X 6” Top Platen, 800 Watts, Timer, Dual Palm Buttons

Kensol Mdl.K-60, Hot Stamp Machine Bench-Typo, 15” X 10” Top Platen, Timers, Dual Button Buttons, S/N: 785PA

Kensol K-50, Hot Stamp Machine 16” X 12” Top Platen, 2400-Watt, Timer, Dual Palm Buttons, S/N:7-520-PA

Kensol Hot Stamp Machine, 9” X 15” Top Platen, Timer, Dual Palm Button, S/N: NA


Autovac Mdl.EQA Vacuum Former Work Area, 48” X 72”, Omega Digital Temperature Control, 5HP Busch Vacuum Pump, S/N:0969-009

Autovac Mdl. EQA-Plus Vacuum Former – 30” X 50”, 5HP Busch Vacuum Pump S/N:383,371

Packaging Industries “Sentinel” Mdl. IVF 305-0 Vacuum Former, 30” X 50”, 3HP Busch Vacuum Pump. Temperature Control, S/N: 2850-369


53” Laminator, KTC-800A Tension Controller, Vari-Speed, Digital Readouts, Mdl. & S/N: NA

2017 66” Laminator Mdl. MF- 1700 Ai-Pro, 1630 MM Width, 0-12M/Min,28MM Thickness, 1500-Watt Power S/N: 00C006022HB17A11138


12” Powermatic # 35 Disc Sander, 1HP, Single Phase, S/N: 8235020

10” Delta “Unisaw” CAT # 34-802 Tilting Arbor Saw, S/N:92G984V

10” Delta Rockwell “Unisaw” Mdl. Tilting Arbor Saw, Unifence Saw Guide, S/N: ED9555, S/N: 92A00880, S/N: JF8685

Delta Rockwell “Invicta” Mdl.34790A Table Saw, 96” Fence Guard, S/N:1878 (1985)

Powermatic Mdl.66 Table Saw, T-Square Fence, S/N:7066711, S/N:18566596

24” State 2HP Disc Sander


(2) Filter 1 “Pulsatron” Mdl.PVF6-10 Dust Collector, 10HP,4000CFM. S/N’S 07-42-303, 07-42-302

Torit Mdl.84 CAB Refurb Dust Collector. S/N:16534379


2007 Stratasys Dimension BST1200ES 3D Printer, S/N: P05462


2018 HP “Dream color” Mdl.W3271A with HP Pixel Control, S/N:88F6K019

HP DesignJet 790, S/N:CN28BACH01B

HP DesignJet 755 CM, MDl.C3198B, S/N: ESB6A01537

HP DesignJet 29 Photo Plotter, S/NCN8BF6K019

Ricoh Aficio SPC 830DN Color Laser Printer, S/N: T365G500054

Riso Mdl.EZ221U, S/N:76690640

2014 Mimaki UV Printer, Mdl. UJF-6642, S/N:0145B059


Bridgeport “Series I” 2HP Vertical Mill, 9” X48” Table. 60-40200 RPM Vari-Speed, R8 Spindle, JCS900-3AE Digital Readout, S/N:12BR-200146

Bridgeport “Series I” 2HP Vertical Mill, 9” X 42” Powerfeed Table 60-4200RPM Vari -Speed, R8 Spindle, JCS900-3AE Digital Readout.

Jet 3 HP Vari-Sped Vertical Knee-Type Mill, 60-4200RP, R8 Spindle, 9” X 49” Powerfeed Table, Newall “Topaz” Digital Readout, S/N:811419

13” X 40” MSC Mdl.1340GH GAP-BED Lathe, 8-Spindle Speeds, 70-2000 RPM, CamLoc Spindle, S/N: G7803 (1989)


23” Ascom Vertical Bandsaw, 32 3/4” X 21 ½”: Tilting Table, S/N:10659

20” DoAll Mdl.2013-V Vertical Bandsaw, Vari-speed, 125-5200 FPM, DBW-15 Butt Welder, Blade Welder and Grinder, 26” X 26” Tilting Table, S/N:499-92280 (1992)

14” Delta Rockwell Mdl.14 Vertical Bandsaw, CAT #28-300, S/N: LI2256

13” Rockwell Mdl. 28-300 Vertical Bandsaw, 14” X 14” Tilting Table, Single Phase, S/N: DV4124

18” MSC Mdl.0957-1634 Vertical Bandsaw, Butt Welder, Vari-Speed, Grinder, 20” X 22” Tilting Table, S/N:144557V


Red Wing Mdl.26, ¼ HP, Single Phase

United States Electrical Tool Mdl. 501 2-HP, 1800RPM

Cemco Double End Polisher

(2) Kramer Mdl.BM-BL-X, S/N’s:4047,4563


20” Walker-Turner Floor -Type Drill Press T-Slotted Table and Base, 3/4HP

15” Powermatic Mdl.1150 Vari-Speed Floor-Type Drill Press, 250-5300 RPM, 1/2HP Single Phase, S/N:67C1143

15” Powermatic Mdl.1150 Floor-Type Drill Press, Vari-Speed, 238-4800 RPM, ¾ HP

15” Delta Rockwell Mdl.15-017 Floor-Type Drill Press, Single Phase, S/N: 1493318

15” Rockwell/Walker Turner Mdl.65-100 Floor-Type Drill Press, S/N:1356413

15” Delta Rockwell Mdl.15-017 Floor-Type Drill Press, ½ HP, S/N:1475651

(2) 15” Walker- Turner Floor-Type Drill Presses, ½ HP, Single Phase, S/N’s: 1-147- and 1-147

14” Rockwell Floor-Type Drill, Procunier #1 Tapping Head, 1/8 HP, Single Phase, S/N:110-8599

14” Delta Mdl.R9450 Floor-Type Drill Press, ½ HP Single Phase, S/N:14-020


(2) Phoenix Mdl.PLP-2200, Film Tension, Vari-Speed, Approximately 96” Height, 57” Diameter, Drive on Platform, S/N’s: 03091185, 02111075

Phoenix Mdl.PLP-2150, Film Tension, Vari-Speed, Approximately 96” Height, 57” Diameter, Drive on Platform, S/N:9901433

Phoenix Mdl. & S/N: N/A, Film Tension, Vari-Speed, 96” Approximately Height 57” Diameter Drive on Platform


2500# Toyota Mdl.8FBE15U Electric Forklift, 36 Volt, 189” Reach Side Shift, Hand Tires, S/N:11279, S/N:11306 (As Is)

3700# Crown Mdl. 40FCTT-188 Sit-Down Riding Type Electric Forklift, Side Shift, 188” Reach, Hand Tires, S/N: 9A107843

(2) 3310# Toyota Mdl.42-6FGU15 Propane Forklifts, 131” Reach, Side Shift, Hand Tires, S/N:60455,63479

1000# Wesco Mdl.ESPL-60-2424 Die Lift Cart, S/N:133378

(2) 1000# Presto Mdl. M152 Walk-Behind Die Lift Carts, S/N’s 127619, XP00295-5

Battery Chargers- Include Hobart 250CII and (2) Eagletronic JR3 Et2400 with Intelligent Microprocessor


2016 100HP Quincy Mdl. Q0V-100 Rotary Screw Air Compressor, Siemens Simatic Touch Panel Control, S/N: UTY302464 (Need Repair)

75HP Quincy Mdl.ASI-370i Rotary Screw Type Air Compressor, Siemens Simatic Touch Panel S/N:569727

30HP Quincy Mdl.QSB-30 Rotary Screw Type, Tank Mounted, S/N: QSB-30-348947

Parker Mdl.DRD500 Air Dryer, S/N:398048450008

Beko “Dry point RA” Mdl. RAX400NA-E-OB, S/N:155010613 (2015)

Gardner Denver Mdl. RNC125A1 Air Dryer, S/N:GP125A1150305038


4000# Autoquip Mdl.48540 Scissor Lift Table, 38” X 96”, S/n: 99351225

Fusion Mdl.DRS-120 UV Unit, 16” Wide Mesh Conveyor, Vari-Speed, Fusion UV P-150, S/N: SC606680DNS (1997)

20-Ton Central Machinery, H-Frame Hydraulic Shop Press, 22” Between Housing, Adjustable Lower Rail

Thermal Arc Mdl.186 Ac/DC Inverter Welder

Scales Logo Mdl.STG-IN505 Digital Above Ground 48” X 48” Platform Scale

6” Belt and 12” Disc Delta Rockwell Mdl. 31-710 Combination Belt and Disc Sander, S/N: EL1354

6” Diameter X 24” CC Core Single Phase Bench Type Cone Cutter

Loveshaw “Little David” Mdl LDU3E Box Sealer, S/N: 460284LDUE3

Hydraulic Cardboard Baler, Approximately 26” X 52” Bale

Montague 14P-1 Natural Gas Pizza Oven, 40,000 BTU, S/NL G2-D-34553A

Bemis Mdl.1018SA Cantor -Sealer, S/N:041018SA11692

Milwaukee Panel Saw

30” Wide Biltrite Motorized Conveyors, Approximately 500” Total


Approximately 75 Sections of 42” X 96” Adjustable Pallet Racking, Tear Drop, Wire Deck

Approximately 12 Sections of 42” X 120” Adjustable Pallet Racking, Tear Drop, Wire Deck


Assorted Acrylic Sheets


Drafting Tables, Shipping Offices, Hurt Vises, Shop Vacs, Porta-Cable Mdl.6931 Vertical Router, Lyon Tool Cabinet, Drill Boyes, Kennedy Toolbox with Wood Top, Strapping Carts Craftsman Toolboxes, Hand Tools, Power Tools, 2-Door Storage Cabinets, Pedestal Fans, Power stat Controllers Arbor Press, Rolling Wire Tables, Plastic Rolling Carts, 600# Portable hydraulic Scissor Lift Table Milling Vises, Bench Vises, Collets, Drill Chucks, Lockers, Plus Much!!


Sharp Mdl.LC60-LE600U Flat Screen, Metal Folding Chairs,48” X 144” Conference Table With Chairs, Bar Stool, Couches, Office Partition and Workstations, Executive L-Shape Desks, Credenzas, Bookshelves, Brother MFC Fax, Lateral File Cabinets, Ricoh Aficio SPC820DN, HP Design Jet 755CM, Lay-out Artwork Tables, Rolling Secretary Chair, High Back Executive Chairs, Computer Monitors, Posters, Etc.


2012 Ford E-350 XLT Super Duty, Advance Track RSC, Clothe Seats Sine Door, Vin # 1FBNE3BL3CDA29980

2014 Ford E-350 XLT Super Duty, Advance Trac RSC Clothe Seats, Side Door, Vin # 1FBNE3BL4EDA40554


Olympian G100F1 Back-Up Natural Gas Generator


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