Surplus to the Ongoing Needs of GE Energy

Auction Address:
300 Garlington Road, Greenville, SC 29615, USA
300 Garlington Road Greenville South Carolina 29615 US
Country: USA
Auction Time Zone: Eastern
Start Date: October 24, 2018
End Date: October 24, 2018
Inspection By Appointment Only
Koster Industries, Inc.

Items Located in Greenville, SC

Featuring: CNC Blade Mills:(3) (2009) Lechti Engineering Model AG TYPE GO-MILL 350. • CNC Horizontal Machining Centers: (6) (2001) Mitsubishi Model M-H80EN • CNC Vertical Machining Centers: (2012) HAAS Model VF-2D, (2) Cincinnati Model Lancer 1000’s • Electron Beam Welder:(2011) Sciaky Model VX.2-60X75X60 Type LVEB 60KV • Forging Presses: (2) Bliss Model HS-1000-H 1,000-Ton Hydraulic with Pillar Induction Heaters, (1990) Muller Weingarten Model PSM 4.360 1,000-Ton Screw Type, Muller Weingarten Model CL-75 75-Ton Hydraulic Screw Press • Finishing Machinery:(2) J.H. Bendict Model ROTOBLAST PC4848-P Robotic Grit Blasters, IPS (Innovative Peening System) Dual Door Shot Blast Machine (2009), Hammond Model ROTO-FINISH Finishing Mill, (2) Finishing Associates Model VC40F (2009), CLM model VIBE-TECH 15-HP Vibratory Finishing Mills, (2) Diversitech Model DD2X4 Down Draft Benches, Filter 1 Model BENCHTRON BFS-3-2-3 Down Draft Bench • Inspection & Laser Tracking: (2) (2011) Faro Model ION Laser Tracking Systems, (2011) Faro Model QUANTUM Arm, (2015) Faro Model EDGE Arm, Faro Model IG-10 Base • Silicone Injection Molder and Related: (2005) SPD Sodick Model Plustech LS40 R TP40EH2 40-Ton , (14) Thermal Care Model RD093004 AQUA- THERM RD Series Digital Mold Temperature Controllers, Frigel Model TURBOGEL Turbo Flow Booster Temperature Controller • Robot: Yusa Pick & Place Robot• Trailer: Pace American Model BIGFOOT BF8520TA4 20’ Enclosed • Also Including:, Tool Room Equipment, Miscellaneous Shop & Crib, Large Quantity of Perishable Tooling & Inspection Items, Large Quantity of Stainless Steel, Cast, Iron Scrap, Hardware, Plus Much More to be Added!

Items Located in Piedmont, SC

Featuring: CNC Laser Marking & Engraving Machines: (5) (2010) FOBA Model GP9000 5-Axis Laser Marking & Engraving Machines

Items Located in Muskegon, MI

Featuring: CNC YAG Lasers:(2) Bridgeport Convergent Energy, (3) Aurora / Gemini Convergent Energy P50-L, Laser Inc. Model M32 INT-700L • Mist & Dust Collectors: (6) Airflow Systems & Plymovent Mist Collectors • Air Compressors & Dryers: Atlas Copco Model GA237 Screw Type, Zeks & Ingersoll Rand Desiccant Air Dryers • Ovens: Interpower IPC-IHF-4.0-30 Coining Furnace, Electric Burnout Furnace • EDM Equipment: Xermac X-12 Sinker Type, Ebco Ozone Generation Module, Plus Other Chillers & Pumps • Also Including: Shop Support, Hydraulic Power Units, Large Format Printer, Plus More to be Added!

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