Rubbermaid Commercial Products - Surplus to the Continuing Operations of

Auction Address:
125 Apple Valley Road, Winchester, Virginia 22602, USA
125 Apple Valley Road Winchester Virginia 22602 US
Country: USA
Auction Time Zone: Eastern
Start Date: December 11, 2019
End Date: December 11, 2019
Preview Date: December 9, 2019, December 10, 2019
Preview Times: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Inspection/Preview Monday, December 9th and Tuesday, December 10th Preview Hours: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM (EST)

Entertaining Pre-Auction Offers on major machines and large packages of equipment.
Please contact Andrew Duncan at 203-483-2226
Featured Items
Rubbermaid’s High-End Decorative Refuse Container Manufacturing Facility
Never Before in One Facility; Prima Punch/Lasers, Prima Shear Genius, Night Train Sheet Storage and Delivery System, Prima Express Bend Cell, Prima Electric Press Brakes, Quintus Deep Draw Hydroform Press, Powder Coat Paint System, Can Mfg. Machines, Rolling, Laser Seam Welding, Spot Welding, Flanging, and MoreDeep Draw Hydroforming Press

  • 2016 Quintus Deep Draw Hydroforming Press, Model Type QFM 1.1-800, Max Operating Pressure 80 Mpa/11,600 psi, Press Force MM 80, Max Blank Dia 1095 mm / 43.1″, Hydroforming & Flexform Tooling

Sheet Metal Fabricationg Equipment, Laser & Punch

  • 2017 Prima Power LPe6F Combination Punch/Fiber Laser Fabrication Cell
  • 2015 Prima Power LPe6 Combination Punch/CO2 Laser Fabrication Cell
  • 2015 Prima PowerSGe6 Combination Punch/Shear Genius Fabrication Cell
  • 2015 Prima Power Night Train 300 Shelf Material Storage and Delivery System
  • 2015 Prima EBe4 Express Bending Cell
  • 2014 Prima EP1336 3.6 Meter Electric Servo Press Brake
  • 2014 Prima EP1030 3 Meter Electric Servo Press Bakes, Two Available
  • 2014 Prima EP0520 2 Meter Electric Servo Press Brake
  • 2015 Mazak Space Gear U44 2.5 KW 5-Axis Laser
  • 2014 100 KVA TJ Snow Spot Welders, (10) available
  • 2016 Tecna 30320 150 KVA Portable Hanging Spot Welder
  • 2017 Sideros Spaziomatic Material Storage and Delivery System, Model 1530/30/2T/3000, 50 Shelf, 60” x 120” Capacity 3000 KG per Cassette, (2) Systems Available

Can Rolling, Beading and Laser Seam Welding Machines

  • 2014 Weil Technology NC Multi-roll Bending Machine
  • 2014 Weil Technology Fiber Laser Welding System
  • 2015 Prinzing BEA-2 Bead Forming Machine
  • 2015 Prinzing BEA-2S Bead Forming Machine
  • 2015 Prinzing RBA 100/93 4-Roll Bead Forming Machine
  • 2016 SweBend PB4B 4-Roll Precision Plate Bending Roll
  • 2014 Lucas CESOIA 6-1800 Circle Shear

Corner Former

  • ACF Engineering Multiflex MF-50-313 Corner Former and Shear

State of the Art Powder Coat Paint Line

  • Nordson Color Max-Z (12) Gun Automatic Powder Paint Both, with Color Max-Z Color On-Demand Delivery System, Encore Powder Feed Center
  • Nordson Dual Station Manual Booth with (3) Guns, Prodigy Color-On-Demand Instant Color Selector
  • Pollution Control Systems PRC 390, 375,000 BTU Burn Off Oven
  • Midwest Finishing Systems (5) Stage Wash System
  • Midwest Systems Dry-Off and Cure Oven

Tooling, Spare Parts

  • Large Quantity of Tooling for Turret Punches & Press Brakes
  • Wilson Tool (DCM) Punch and Die Grinder
  • Huge Inventory of Spare Parts for Major Machines

Plant Support Equipment

  • Welders
  • Air Compressors
  • Air Dryers
  • 7 Ton x 20’ span Crane System
  • Scrap Hoppers
  • Tool Cabinets
  • Transformers
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