N.S. Precision Lathe, Inc.

Auction Address:
3519 Martens Street, Franklin Park, IL, USA
3519 Martens Street Franklin Park Illinois 60131 US
Country: USA
Auction Time Zone: Central
Start Date: February 14, 2023
End Date: February 14, 2023
Preview Date: February 13, 2023
Preview Times: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm
Inspection Details: Tuesday, January 24th from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. CST

Featuring: (2) Longbed Lathes up to 163″, (20) Assorted Size Lathes Inc. Mazak, Okuma, Warner & Swasey, South Bend, Sharp, Nardini, Turnmaster, Hardinge, WTW, Howa, Gishodt & Geminis ⦿ (15) Assorted Vertical Mills Inc. New/Unused Kent, Lagun, Enco, (12) Assorted Bridgeports, Supermax Comet, Summit ⦿ Mazak VTC-20B CNC, Mazak AJV-18 Twin Pallet CNC VMC’s ⦿ Mazak M4 15000U CNC Lathe ⦿ Mazak Quck Turn 8N, (2) 15N Univ. CNC Turning Centers

Further Details

*Chicagoland area precision CNC job shop with long bar stockcapabilities*


Online only auction late January 2023


Major Assets


Long Bed Lathes

·        New/Unused Kent 26” x 120” KLS-26120C, Mazak 26”x 163” M-24, TOS M-SN63-71C



·        (20) Assorted Mazak, Okuma, Warner & Swasey,South Bend, Sharp, Nardini, Turnmaster, Hardinge, WTW, Howa, Gisholdt, &Geminis


Vertical Milling Machines

·        New/Unused Kent 3-HP, (2) Lagun 3-HP FTV-25’s,Enco 3-HP 100-1527, (12) Assorted 1 -2-HP Bridgeport, Supermax, Comet, Summit& Enco


CNC Vertical Machining Centers

·        Mazak VTC-20B, Mazak VTC-16A


CNC Twin Pallet

·        Mazak AJV-18


CNC Lathe

·        Mazak M4 15000U


CNC Turning Centers

·        Mazak Quick Turn 8N

·        (2) Mazak Quick Turn 15N Univ.

Contact Details

Jake Josko

Direct Phone

+1 (631) 213-3205

Office Phone

+1 (475) 273-0268



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