Machinery & Equipment Surplus to GE Steam Power

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1500 Jamike Avenue, Erlanger, KY, USA
1500 Jamike Avenue Erlanger Kentucky 41018 US
Country: USA
Auction Time Zone: Eastern
Start Date: February 8, 2023
End Date: February 8, 2023
Inspection Details: By Appointment Only - Call +1 475.273.0268

CNC Lathe: 1991 Mazak MSN1500 Flat Bed 60.21” Centers • Vertical Turret Lathe: 1988 Defun KNA-110/135 with 43.3” Table • Dust Collector: Clemco RPH (Never Installed) • Magnetic Particle Inspection: Magnaflux P-560, Magwerks PSF10-SVM • Plasma Arc Coating System: Eutronic GAP 375-1 • Welding Equipment: (2) Bortech 120 & 201 Bore Welders, Miller GPS-1500V 1000-AMP, Lincoln Idealarc Tig 300/300 & Miller Syncrowave AC / DC, (2) Miller Millermatic Mig Welders up to 300-AMP, Miller MOG-400A 3-Pack Welding System, Also Assorted Wire Feeds, Load Banks, Weld Oscillator, Etc. • Oven Controller: Mannings 18-Zone • Hydraulic Power Units: (2) 2011 Hydac TR7184

Further Details

CNC Lathe:
Mazak M5N 1500 CNC Flat Bed Lathe, 22.17″ Maximum Turning Dia., 60.21″ Max. Turning Length, 3.75″ Maximum Bar Capacity, 13.0″ Swing Over Sokde, 24.30″ Swing Over Bed, 62.4″ Distance Between Centers* (Specs from Mazak), Complete with Mazatrol T32-2 CNC Controls, 20″ 4-Jaw Chuck, S/N: 9701 (1991)

Vertical Turret Lathe:
Defum KNA-110/135 Manual Vertical Turret Lathe, 43.3″ Table Diameter, 37.4″ Maximum Turning Diameter, 4.4-Short Ton Capacity Table, Number of the rotary speed of the table: 16 pcs, Minimum table rotary speed: 6.3 1/min, Maximum table rotary speed: 200 1/min, Complete with 40.2-HP Motor, S/N: 9107 (1988)

Dust Collector
Clemco RPH Reverse-Pulse Cartridge Type Dust Collector Complete with Inground Conveyor System (Never Installed)

Magnetic Particle Inspection:
MagnaFlux Model P-530 Portable Magnetic Particle Inspection 1800-6000 Output Amps, 460V, 3PH, 60HZ, S/N: 1742086

Magwerks Model PSF10-SVM Portable Magnetic Particle Inspection System, 10,000 Amp – FWDC Maximum Output, 6,000 Amp AC Maximum Output, FWDC/AC Output Current Type, 480V/3PH/60HZ Electrics, #4 Wire Size (100′ or Less), S/N: 111102

Plasma Arc Coating System:
Eutronic GAP Model 375-1 Plasma Arc Spray Coating System, Complete with Bernard Model 3502SSA Chiller, S/N: AEC02H02

Welding Equipment:
BorTech 1201 Portable Borewelder, S/N: 2011201

Bortech Model 201 Portable Bore Welder, Complete with Wire Feed, S/N: 910016201

Miller Model GPS-1500V 1000-AMP Multiple Operator DC Welding Power Source, with (2) Sets of Leads, S/N: KH526021, 460V, 3PH, 60HZ

Lincoln Idealarc Model Tig 300/300 300 AMP AC/DC HF Vari-Voltage Welding Power Source, Complete with Tig Leads, Foot Pedal, S/N: U1940422450, 208/230/460 V, 1PH, 60HZ

(2) Miller Syncrowave 350 LX 350 AMP CC/AC/DC Welding Power Source, Complete with Built-in Radiator, Tig Leads, Water Cooled Torch, Foot Pedal. S/N: LC264808; LC264813 200/230/460V, 1PH, 50/60HZ

Miller Millermatic 300 300-AMP CV/DC Mig Welding Power Source, S/N: KJ034501 200/230/460V, 3PH, 60HZ

Miller Millermatic 250MP 200-AMP CV-DC Mig Welding Power Source, S/N: KB156746, 200/230/460 V/1PH/60HZ

Miller MOG-400A 395-AMP 3-Pack Multi-Operate Grid DC Welding Power Source, S/N’s KH545134; KH545136; KH545135

Abicor Binzel Model CR1250 Liquid Cooled Wire Welding Wire Feed, 1250 W with H2O, 1050 W with BTC-15* Cooling Capacity, S/N: 10717150261 (2017)

Miller Model SR W Extended Reach Water Cooled Wire Feeder, S/N: KC212544
Superior Electric Millermatic Model M092-FD08 Weld Oscillator

Miller 600-AMP Load Bank, 600-AMP, 0-150V, S/N: KH538923

Miller Digi-Meter 600 Style JJ-15 0-100-V 600-AMP DC Straight or Reverse Load Bank, 115VAC 50/60Hz .5Amps

Oven Controller:
Mannings USA 18 Zone Oven Controller

Hydraulic Power Units:
(2) Hydac Model TR71B4 Hydraulic Power Supply (2011)

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Mat Koster

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+1 (631) 847-5530

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+1 (475) 273-0268


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