Chetwynd High Quality Complete BCTMP Pulp Plant - Plant Closed

Auction Address:
Chetwynd, BC, Canada
Country: Canada
Auction Time Zone: Pacific
Start Date: September 7, 2022
End Date: September 8, 2022
Preview Date: September 6, 2022
Preview Times: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Inspection: Tuesday, September 6, 2022 • 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM PST Or By Appointment: 860-623-9060 Chetwynd Pulp Mill Road Chetwynd, British Columbia

Massive 2-Day Online in Real Time Auction of International Interest


Baling & Strapping Linescentrifugal pumpsChip StackingChip WashingDebarking & Chipping LinesLog HandlingPulping LineStainless Steel Aluminum TanksWater Treatment Plant

Pulp Process

  • (4) HYMAC HSD-64 Sn 631-120-6865 64″ TMP refiner including Siemens Type 1DL 7641-8FF-82-Z 14,000 HP 13,800 V 1,800 RPM water cooled drive motor, with Siemens exciter panel, hydraulic and auto-lube units, agitated cyclone feeder, control console
  • (8) THUNE Mn SP70 SL 316 stainless steel de-watering screw press Sn 89 6036 with Hagglunds Denison hydraulic drive, 250 HP Siemens Type RGZ VF2 575 V motor, pedestal controls
  • (2) HYMAC twin wire de-watering press Mn PT-13 5, 12′ width (3) tension rolls, (3) pinch rolls, drive roll set with dual 150 HP drives, Hymac 345SR 5.636:1 139 HP rated gear reducers, (replacement drive roll in stores), Nilsen end stage shredding roll, control cabinet
  • 2002 METSO Mn RF41-987-0984-01, 42″ refiner with Toshiba TIKE type 2,000 HP, 4160 V, 1,780 RPM drive motor
  • 2000 VALMET Mn JC-041-9870666-01, 42″ refiner with Reliance Type P 2,000 HP, 4000 V, 1788 RPM drive motor
  • CELLECO 316 stainless steel disk filter/thickener, (36) 12′ diameter segmented discs with stainless steel mesh, PLC controls, large assortment of spare new disc segments in crates
  • Lot of assorted CELLECO Cleanpac 316 stainless steel cleaning banks with PVC cones including (3) 72 cone, (1) 28 cone, (1) 10 cone, and (1) 7 cone
  • (4) BIRD Mn 400 Sn ST13090 stainless steel pressure screen with 125 HP drive
  • INGERSOLLRAND ststainless steel Centrisorter pressure screen with 200 HP drive
  • HYMAC Mn 16-3B-56 Turboflex stainless steel re-pulper with Siemens Type RGS 588 Frame 400 HP 4,000 V 885 RPM motor, 4 structural steel flared leg floor mounted support frame, 1,000 lb capacity hydraulic tilting bale lifter
  • HYMAC chip impregnation system, 73 m3 atmospheric pre steaming bin, discharge screw conveyor, vertical vessel, conveyors
  • (11) HYMAC 72″ 316 stainless steel side hill screen
  • (6) HYMAC Mn 2420 316 stainless steel screw feeder, 24″ diameter X 20′ long with 20 HP drive
  • (2) HYMAC APC-63 63″ stainless steel cyclone steam condenser
  • (2) NILSEN fluffer-mixer with 200 HP drive
  • (2) HYMAC 316 stainless steel 54″ cyclone steam scrubber MAWP 75 psi@ 320⁰ F MDMT 40⁰ F @ 75 psi
  • (7) HYMAC stainless steel plug screw feeder Mn PSF 16″, 18” & 12” diameter screw with Siemens 300 HP 500 V 480 Amp 1150/1700 RPM drive motor, Hymac PSF 160 hydraulic back press-discharge chute
  • (2) FLAKT flash dryer including air makeup unit with 240 Ft² steam coils, 840,000#/hr. air from -38⁰ C – +24⁰ C using max. 28,000# Hr. of saturated steam at coil entrance. First and second stage hot zones with 304 stainless steel top mounted venturi cyclones, 120″ turbo fan blowers with 600 HP Siemens Type RGS 4,000V 713 RPM drive motors, cooling stage 304 SS vertical piping and ducting with 96″ turbo fan blower, 300 HP Type RGS 575 V drive motor, 36″ exhaust fan with 100 HP 575V motor, Johnstone 100 psi@ 338⁰ F condensing tank, all steam piping, manifolds, valves, and related equipment, roof top structural steel framing for cyclones
  • (2) AB NILSEN Fibre-Flash fluffer-mixer with 350 HP drive motor
  • (2) AB NILSEN Fibre-Flash hydraulic down acting slab press, 34″ X 34″ X 28″ (H) finished bale size, vacuum bottom platen, 48″ daylight opening, 30″ stroke, 24″ center hydraulic cylinder, twin stainless steel loading chutes, Rexroth hydraulic system with (3) 150 HP drive motors, Rexroth manifolds and valves, 64″ long horizontal ram discharge, 36″ X 25′ chain drag discharge conveyor, PLC controls
  • All stainless steel stock chest, segmented (3) with structural steel internal support, 25′ (W) X 175′ (L) X 28′ (H) with stainless steel floor, may be sold with (9) Hymac 150 HP horizontal agitators en bloc


Material Handler

  • 2014 SENNEBOGEN model 830 MTD wheeled high reach material handler, 6.7L Cummins Diesel, hydraulic elevating max cab, pneumatic tires, 4 outriggers, grapple, 360 degree rotation, 5,803 hrs indicated, date in service 03/23/2015 sn 1766, engine sn 22122052, cab sn 830.0.1768
  • Aspen 30′ X 108″ off road log trailer with pintel hook


Wood Room

  • (2) NICHOLSON debarking lines including dual drag chain log feeder decks and lifts, 10′ X 40′ each with auto-index log feed, electronic metal detector, 45″ X 32″ aperture over 12′ X 34″ wide belt conveyor, hydraulic reject log kicker with 8′ X 40′ drag chain jog reject discharge conveyor, Nicholson Mn A5A -27-A5-RH hydraulic ring log debarker, twin feed-work -grippers with infeed conveyor, Nicholson Mn 96-12K-SOS Sn 5944, 96″ hydraulic disc chipper with Siemens Type RGS 1,250 HP, 4,000V, 1176 RPM drive motor, Falk Mn 2140Y1-L 1200 RPM input/435.1 output, Rader chip feeder Mn 30 X 35 ESW Sn E1192, Hymac 2014 stainless steel screw feeder with 10HP drive, master control tower with Siemens Simatec Multi-panel PLC controls
  • Hog fuel scrap system including 42″ X 40′ steel reject incline belt conveyor with Eriez magnet, Rader 36″ X 48″ wood hog with Siemens 300 HP 4,000V 1785 RPM drive motor, assorted outfeed and connecting conveyors
  • Reclaim screening system with (2) Acrowood Spiral 8′ X 12′ diamond roll screens, Rader 8′ diameter chip cyclone
  • HYMAC 24″ X 30 stainless steel incline screw feeder with 20 HP drive


Chip Handling & Storage

  • RADER chip reclaim and radial stacking system with in and outbound pneumatic transport systems consisting of (2) Holmes reverse air blowers with 500 HP Siemens Type RAZS 500 HP 4,000V  1180 RPM drive motors, (2) Rader 30 X 45 ESW chip feeders, 600 linear ft. 16″ diameter twin steel transfer tubes on structural steel pipe bridge, 42′ tall intermediate structural steel tower with Rader 8′ diameter buffering cyclone, 42″ X 234′ incline structural steel lattice frame belt conveyor with gear reduced drive, 90′ (L)  X 42″ structural steel lattice frame stacking conveyor on structural steel tower, 270⁰ rotation with hydraulic drives, return system including steel receiving bin with hydraulic chain drag drive, 42″ X 52′ structural steel lattice frame transport conveyor, Acro wood sizing screen, all PLC controls and related equipment
  • 300 unit modular cement barrier retaining wall
  • (2) HYMAC flite conveyor including 24″ X 24′ incline stainless steel screw feeder and 24″ X 18′ horizontal stainless steel screw feeder


Waste Water

  • (4) Single stage centrifugal compressors with 700 HP drives
  • Water pump 20,000 PSI, in sea container


Steam Plant

  • KEELER DORR-OLIVER Hog Fuel Water Tube Steam Boiler, 150,000-lbs./hr. @ 350 PSI with electrostatic precipitators.
  • BABCOCK & WILCOX Recovery Boiler, 150,000-lbs./hr. @ 350 PSI with B & W DIAMOND soot blower.
  • NEBRASKA Natural Gas Fired Package Steam Boiler, 50,000-lbs./hr. @ 350 PSI.


Overhead Cranes

  • STAHLKRAN 30 Ton double girder 40’ span
  • (2) STAHLKRAN 15 Ton double girder, 70’ & 30’ spans



  • Electrical switch gear and MCC(s) throughout several buildings (all dry transformers)
  • Over $4,300,000 cost value of Stores inventory
  • Sulzer and Alstrom Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pumps in sizes up to 24″ X 24″ with drives up to 700 HP


ALSO FEATURING: Lab Equipment, Stainless Steel Tanks, Fiberglass tanks, Surge Bins, (8) Assorted Fork and Clamp Trucks, (3) Pickup Trucks, Scissor Lifts, Reach Trucks,

Process piping of carbon steel, stainless steel, copper and plastic, fittings and valves, Shop support equipment, Lista cabinets,

contents, and much more, don’t miss this auction!







This is a once in a decade international sale not to be missed!




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